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The Marketing Uni is a new learning ecosystem concept, which will receive quarterly course launches as well as 1:1 and group coaching session enrolments, on a mission to help business professionals get the grip on their marketing activities and monetise effectively. 

This year’s programmed courses include Start-up Marketing Strategy & Implementation (for early stage entrepreneurs running on small marketing budgets), eCommerce Marketing, B2B Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing & SEO as well as Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy. 

Our courses are intentionally crafted to help you condense years of marketing practical knowledge and insights into only a few weeks, this way being able to either manage your small business’ marketing in-house, saving on marketing budgets and avoid critical mistakes which can cut through your profit margins, or – in case you will need the help of a marketing agency – start the discussion from a well-informed position, being able to coordinate cross-channel activities and get the best ROI.

2022 Start-up Marketing Strategy masterclass

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We have worked with Marketiu for refreshing and improving our corporate branding. Their top-notch knowledge and fresh outlook contributed considerably to our growth since, while their easy-going and lively team really resonated with our dynamic approach

Andrei P. | Managing Director – Shepherd Tone Media

Exceptional team, very professional and results-driven. Top-notch customer service too. Highly recommended!

Bela K. | Managing Director – TwinPeaks Moto

Marketiu helped us with our PPC and organic marketing campaigns and helped us structure a marketing plan. Andrei was incredibly supportive and always available to give guidance and suggestions. He tailored the strategy to our company and ensured that we understood the nuances of the campaign and the reasons each action point was chosen. Marketiu’s knowledge of marketing over various platforms is cutting edge - they are on top of every change/development on each platform as it is happening, to ensure the best results (amazon, facebook etc). Excellent customer service, five stars!! Thank you Marketiu and Andrei.

Lou M. | Marketing Manager – Rat’s Tales Publishing UK

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