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The marketing training platform designed to revolutionise the specialised education in the Marketing industry.

“What’s interesting about learning great marketing the right way is that, with the right mentor, you can growth hack your way into it by years.”

Andrei T., Founder of The Marketing Uni


We are an alternative online education platform, providing advanced digital marketing courses and training to professionals and entrepreneurs aiming to ramp up their marketing know-how, learning from the best in the niche. Our team consists of trained senior marketing practitioners, with experience working with dozens of global brands both client and agency side. This offers our marketing courses a unique value in the market, through the practical insights brought forward – what they don’t teach you in school. 


Through online video courses, 1:1 and group coaching and training, we help entrepreneurs and small businesses – but also professionals early on their marketing journey, get the tactics, hacks and tools necessary to work and get excellent marketing results. 

Our marketing courses have been developed with the intentional purpose of helping you jump-start and skip most of the self-learning as well as trial and error phases of a classic, practical career journey, teaching you how to maximise your marketing returns and apply insights straight away.

Meet Our Team

The Marketing Uni’s coaches and course trainers



Bianca G.

Visual Identity & Social Media Consultant alexa

Alexa P.

Content & Email Marketing Consultant mada

Mada C.

Content & Social Media Consultant andrei-director-the-marketing-uni-courses

Andrei T

CIM-chartered Marketer and Agency Director denisa-social-media-content-manager-the-marketing-uni-courses

Denise T.

Coach, Head of Social & Content Marketing

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